Saturday, December 20, 2008

My Recent Interest

When i'm writting this, my younger sister will be mad at me. it is because i'm going to share some favourite artist in Japan. but recently i fall in love with one of Taiwan drama called Sonria Pasta (Smile Pasta). about the Japan artist, i like the artists from one agency called Johnny Entertainment. i found that they are increadibly awesome with few charecter that thickling my heart...and beacuse of that i'm almost did not know my local artist songs...

Sunday, December 14, 2008

watch out!

lepas ni nak kene berhati2. about my cgpa/gpa (still confused about those 2 words)..sem ni my target is 4.00 (will it do?). i need to put a lot of effort on this. need to see my advisor...cari kengkawan yang pandai2 and boost for a great GRED!!!

guys! doakan saya yer.. izah jika izah bace blog akk give ler komen


after all, i got my JPA sponsorship. it's good that i dont have to worry anymore about the money. nowadays money is really important right? so that is what hapend to my future onwards. i need to colect the money and property first. i planned to have everything before 30. in the age of 21 will i get those thing in an instant? nope (of course). i really wanna be like Siti Khadijah. she is wealthy person and give all her belonging for fisabilillah... so i need to find a good partner who can absolutely interested in doing business...i really wanna do something for my ummah!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

To all my friends out there!

NEWS-J-pop band

Kudaranai koko de omiagari
Ki ga tsukeba asa made waraiatta
Otona ni natta hazu na no ni
Nanimo kawatte nai yo

You are my best friend
Terekusai kara
Arigatou nanka ienai
Tokubetsu na bashou janai kedo
Zutto koko ni ittainda

Bokura no sou datta machi nami wa
Ano kono to chigau subete ni natta ne
Meguri kuru kisetsu koete mo
Kimi wa kawaranai de

You are my best friend
Sasai na koto de
Tama ni wake ga mo suru sa
Utsuke atta hi mochiron kazu dake
Bakari aeru

Kono saki mo koi ni dasu koto wa nai to omou kedo
Hontou wa kimi to iru toki ga ichiban kokoro ga atatakai yo

You are my best friend
Terekusai kara
Arigatou nanka ienai
Tokubetsu na bashou janai kedo
Koko ni ittainda

You are my best friend
Donna toki datte
Bokutachi wa hitori janai sa
Nanigenai yasashiisa wo furueru
Kimi dake ni



We have fun doing the most trival things
Before we even notice, we’ve been laughing together till morning
We are supposed to have become adults
But we have’nt changed a bit

You are my best friend
Sometimes we fight because of the silliest little things
But we understand each other better
Each time we collide

In the future I probably won’t say this out loud again
But the truth is that when I’m with you
That’s when my heart feels the warmest

You are my best friend
Because it’s embarassing, I can’t say thing’s like ‘Thanks’,
This may not be any place special, but
I want to always be right here

You are my best friend
No matter when, we will never be alone
I want to say this to you, the one who
Gives me such simple kindness:

new one!

Perlukah Aku Dihentikan

Sudah sekian ini helaan nafasku
Sudah sekian ini rasa udaranya
Perlukah aku- dihentikan
Dari terus menghirup enaknya rasa udara ini
ketagihanku tumbuh melarat
menjalar ke dalam saraf

Tidakkah kau rasa
Aku bakal mati
Bila aku dipaksa
Menghentikan ketagihan ini

Juwaku bakal seksa
Mungkinkah aku akan terbunuh
Dek kerana rasa yang selama ini aku baja
Diumpil keluar

Dapatkah kau mengerti
Derita ini
Seumpama siang hilang sang mentari
Seumpama malamyang tidak kembali
Bagaimana harus aku campak
Pengertian rasa
yang juga engkau titipkan

A new Start

After all...i'm back! dah lama x post kat sini. it's already 2009. and banyak sgt perkara yg dah berlalu. and few steps forward we'll facing the year of 2009. a wonderful graduation in the 20th of july this year and i further the next step of level in my life in UNITEN. it's all ruin and can't say that i'm's all frustrating THING ever happend in my life. i really could'nt stand with it!!! oh! it's really unhappy feeling. i'm feeling worse during the end of these 2008.

i'm coming up with new wish!
to have a happy wonderful 2009 forward...