Sunday, December 14, 2008

watch out!

lepas ni nak kene berhati2. about my cgpa/gpa (still confused about those 2 words)..sem ni my target is 4.00 (will it do?). i need to put a lot of effort on this. need to see my advisor...cari kengkawan yang pandai2 and boost for a great GRED!!!

guys! doakan saya yer.. izah jika izah bace blog akk give ler komen


after all, i got my JPA sponsorship. it's good that i dont have to worry anymore about the money. nowadays money is really important right? so that is what hapend to my future onwards. i need to colect the money and property first. i planned to have everything before 30. in the age of 21 will i get those thing in an instant? nope (of course). i really wanna be like Siti Khadijah. she is wealthy person and give all her belonging for fisabilillah... so i need to find a good partner who can absolutely interested in doing business...i really wanna do something for my ummah!