Thursday, February 19, 2009


what an awesome group band! they produce sparklig voice with their extra cute face! (kawaii ne~). started liking them at 2007, and fell in love with ryo-chan (hehe). but recently i'm enjoying watch the series of Hana Yori Dango(even though it's quiet late to do so-for the jonny's entertainment admirer). i got all series complete until the final film of it.

i've being told to stop watching those film from korea and japan by my mom. it is because i'm slacking off doing my assignment and do it last minute! hmmm...i'm actually having difficulties over here (at my campus). and all i can do to endure my sadness is to watch exciting movies...

oh ya! i'm almost forget. may be i can share a little bit about NEWS:

Tomohisa Yamashita

is the group leader of this group. a bad-tempered person but with cool personality (how it match?). always doing things by his own and his own path. one of his best friend is Nishikido Ryo-who are one of the group members. always lead a hero character in dramas and movies. he is the best actor for drama Kurosagi. in this drama he played as a swindler that helps people. we can say that this is the modern Robbin Hood. currently grad from Meiji University.

Nishikido Ryo

He is my beloved one! has a poison tounge, he will directly say what is in his mind. best friend of Tomohisa Yamashita. he quite shy with someone that he dont really know. for example he didn't going well with the member of drama Ryusei Kizuna (Toda Erika and Ninomiya-Arashi). always lead cold character in drama. recently he win the best supporting actor in Last Friend. he in that drama lead as a violent boyfriend. even he has a poison tounge he has a kind hearted. he always secretly paying their meals when all the members going out for dinner. he got complaint by little fan in their concert "why do you have rusky voice?".

i think this is for today. i might continue with the other 4 members of NEWS

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