Saturday, June 23, 2012


I should have never met him. It such a night mare when you know that, you are the only one that going through the psychics wonderland. Like being in a long dream, you keep hoping that all the wonderful feeling will lasting until the end.  It really pains me when the magic world turns into a horrible place to live.  The sky that is made by glass is being hit by a tornado and it smash into your face. Just like that, there is no more hoping.  The last thing you want is to find out the exit door.
            In this line of life path, I have been through so many tremendous meeting with people who care and love me. But not so many of them can stick with you, to listen the whole story of yours and crying together as they are in your shoes.
            Today, I’ve heard a story from a friend. It really shocked me. I should never ask the question at the first place.  If i know that the story will break me down, i would never ask. But i really want to know after so many years we’ve been apart. The conclusion of the story, i should never trust myself ever again! Nice meeting with nice doesn’t work with me. So aunties...please let me do this alone. I should take care of myself. Always remember that my instinct tells me everything. I should learn from the past. But until the end, i do the same mistake.
            I’m tired! After all the chaos from my aunties...I’m now a disbeliever. The golden egg Insya- Allah will roll down into my basket. I put my trust in ALLAH, because He is the CREATOR that NEVER left His creation. ALLAHUAKBAR!!! Give me strength Ya Allah!

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